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Age of Sigbrah Ep. 47: A Break-Wind of Nurgle

September 23, 2017

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Gary and Andy are back with a pre-release review of the Season of War: Firestorm campaign box, get way too excited about stickers and do some Nurgle related wishlisting.

In this episode we give our first impressions and review of the Firestorm cmapign box. We look at the lore that sets out this awesome campaign and the indtroduction(?) of the Agloraxi Empire to the Age of Sigmar, the new city based guilds/armies that you can use for this campaign, how a game turn works. This obviously includes lamenting on how the wizardry of the stickers provided in the box.

We'd just like to thank Games Workshop for the opportunity to review the boxed game before release and we hope you enjoy our coverage. If you would like to leave us a 5* review in iTunes that would be great and thank you to everyone who has done this so far. If you would like to get in contact via email or social media then please do, links are below

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